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We mainly provide wood splitting machines and branch cutting machines.

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As China Petrol Log Splitter Manufacturers and Petrol Log Splitter Factory, SPLITKING has been keeping on studying and researching on Log Splitter and Wood chipper technical and building solutions.It was started from zero by MR.Bob, the Owner of WUYI ZHISHENG TOOL CO.,LTD, a guy who is of great passion,innovation and persistence on mechanical technologies, engrossed himself in a world of machines since graduated from university with his Mechanical Engineering Master's Degree. SPLITKING has its own DVP department which set up by 2 log splitter and wood chipper engineers and 1 chief designer.We supply Petrol Log Splitter Wholesale, with more than ten years experience on mechanical and electrical,they are able to valid different innovate ideas from all around and make ideas to be combined perfectly,besides the basic function improvement they will especially take the longevity ,durability,costs and even marketing in their consideration which SPLITKING says”Design Machines Aims Marketing ”.

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We mainly provide wood splitting machines and branch cutting machines.

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More Information About Hydraulic Log Splitter

A hydraulic log splitter is a machine for splitting logs into smaller pieces that use hydraulic pressure to power the splitting action. The machine consists of a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic cylinder, and a splitting wedge or knife. The operator places the log on the machine bed and activates the hydraulic pump, which sends pressurized hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinders, causing a splitting wedge or saw blade to push into the log and split it in half. Professional hydraulic log splitter manufacturers provide you with more detailed explanations.

Hydraulic log splitters are often used by homeowners, gardeners, and firewood sellers for splitting firewood because they can split logs quickly and with minimal physical exertion. They are available in a variety of sizes, from small portable units to large industrial models, depending on the amount of wood that needs to be split.

Hydraulic log splitters tend to be more powerful and efficient than other types of log splitters, making it easy to split larger, harder logs. They are also easier and safer to use than manual wood splitters, such as axes or mallets, which require strength and skill. However, hydraulic log splitters can be more expensive than other types of log splitters and require a hydraulic power source, such as a hydraulic pump or tractor.

What Problems Can Petrol Log Splitter Solve?

A gasoline log splitter is a machine that uses a gasoline engine to power its hydraulic system to split logs into smaller pieces. Gasoline log separators can solve a range of problems associated with separating logs.

Gasoline log splitters can split logs faster than manual methods such as axes or sledgehammers, allowing users to split more logs in less time. Splitting logs with a gas log splitter requires very little physical effort compared to manual methods, which is especially beneficial for those with limited or injured bodies.

A gasoline wood splitter can be used to split a variety of different types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods, making it a versatile solution for different types of projects. And using a gas log splitter is safer than using an ax or hammer because there is less risk of injury from swinging a sharp tool.

Not only that but using a gas log splitter to split logs can save you money compared to buying pre-split logs or using other types of fuel for heating.